WAPSA now offers a comprehensive range of superior quality Progressive Cavity pumps including retrofit spare parts. Our complete range of Millennium PC pump capabilities include flows up to 550 Mᵌ/hr (153 L/S) and pressures up to 48 BAR (490 M) 8 stage pumps to suit all applications & markets.


WAPSA now offers our exclusive PRIME HOG Self Priming Trash Pump range to the Australlian Wastewater industry.  
The PRIME HOG is complemented by a 5yr Warranty, robust design & superior quality.  It is competitively priced to offer users the opportunity to significantly reduce lifecycle cost. 
The PRIME HOG is directly inter-changeable and is also hydraulically & dimensionally equivalent to all other self priming pumps on the market.
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Aeration Industries International, Inc appoints WAPSA as their Australian Distributor.

Wastewater Aeration & Pump Systems Australia (WAPSA) Pty Ltd is the exclusive distributor for the PRIME HOG Self Priming Trash Pump.  The WAPSA PRIME HOG provides significant benefits compared to all other self priming pumps.  The WAPSA PRIME HOG is custom manufactured by an ISO accedited pump manufacturer, ensuring a high quality product at competitive prices with a 5yr Warranty.  The WAPSA PRIME HOG is a robust & reliable solids handling pump that is suitable for a range of wastewater applications.   

WAPSA is also the exclusive national distributor for Aeration Industries International, Inc (AIII) wastewater treatment equipment and systems.  AIII has a complete range of efficient and low maintenance aeration equipment and wastewater treatment systems to suit the municipal and industrial wastewater treatment and aquaculture markets.

In addition, WAPSA distributes Gorman Rupp, Cornell, Tsurumi and Toyo pump range.  Pumps include self-priming, centrifugal, submersible, trash, priming assist, positive displacement, hydrotransport & hot oil food process pumps. The wastewater pump range includes solids handing pumps to suit stringy material, abrasive, corrosive, sludge and slurry liquids.


Furthermore, WAPSA supply a complete range of packaged pump stations and booster stations, which include pumps, motors, controls, piping, accessories and enclosures.


WAPSA specialise in supply of aeration equipment and pump systems for the municipal, water, wastewater, sewage, industrial, construction, winery, mining, pulp & paper, food process, rental and OEM markets.

WAPSA has an extensive range of wastewater aeration and pump system solutions including:

Surface Aerators and Mixers
Oxidation Ovals
SBR Systems
Fixed Film Media
DAF Systems
Wastewater Pumps
Emergency Bypass Pumps
   Food Process Pumps
Pump Stations
Pump Systems
Dewatering Pumps
Base Mounted Pumps
Trailer Mounted Pumps
Silenced Pump Packages

WAPSA is committed to delivering sustainable wastewater solutions.  We customize to meet individual client needs and complement this with exceptional technical support and service.


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